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Prof. Sumantra Chattarji, an eminent scientist, visited Candor today!!!

Prof. Sumantra Chattarji, an eminent scientist, visited Candor today and addressed the students and staff about study of the Human Brain. The specific title of his talk was ‘Learning About...
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K2 Students Dance Session

Never miss a chance to dance! It feels like magic! Our Candorians are always enthusiastic about dancing. Today, our K2 students enjoyed their dance class today. It helped them relax and also learnt...
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Grade 3 Students learnt about the connection between the UOI chapter on ‘How to Organize Ourselves’ and Physical Education

Every subject, be it science, math, English, Physical Education, Robotics etc.. are all interconnected. Similarly, our grade 3 students learnt about the connection between the UOI chapter on ‘How...
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Candor International School – PYP Professional Development Day

Ms Pramila Sen, an experienced PYP teacher visited the school and took a glimpse of our systems and practices. 
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Candor International School – Grade 3 Students Art Session

“Every brush stroke on the canvas, every dab of colour introduced, the fine textures impressed in the paint—this accumulation of many small acts combines to shape a final work of art. ”...
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Candor International School – Teachers Day Celebration

Teachers are the most amazing people you meet in your life. They shape you into who you are and most of the time,you wouldn’t even be aware of the magic they are weaving in your life....
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