Suresh Reddy

Suresh Reddy is a successful entrepreneur and the CEO and Founder of a leading IT company in the USA. He has over 20 years of experience in the IT industry, as well as various MNCs such as US Bank, Volvo and Prudential Insurance. He has received many honors and accolades, including one for his IT company as ‘One of the fastest growing private companies in the USA’. His education in India has placed him as the owner of one of the leading IT companies in the US where he is currently based with his family.

Suresh Reddy serves as the Director of the Small and Medium Enterprise Consortium (SMEC), a consortium of over 300 technology companies. SMEC promotes sustainable development of these small and mid-sized businesses and is growing rapidly both here in the United States.

He also joined Apex as Director of Pharmaceutical in 2012. Apex Pharmaceuticals announces first accepted ANDA filing by the US FDA through a project developed for a client. Apex Pharmaceuticals, Inc upgrades facility to bring under cGMP conditions. Apex will offer small scale contract manufacturing and pilot bio study manufacturing.

He is the Founder and Chairperson of the Saketh Educational Trust that has established Candor International School .His vision is to ensure that school education in India, in addition to providing academic excellence, also draws out and develops every student’s potential in the Arts and Sports. He also aims to ensure that students make a seamless transition between Indian and Western schooling systems through exchange programmers for teachers and students.

Suresh Reddy serves as Director and COO for learn beyond. LearnBeyond is a single platform that integrates the best of technology, interface and content to provide an unparalleled online learning experience. The platform was initially conceived as, an exam engine to help students in getting through the highly competitive College Admission Tests. Since gaining popularity amongst the student community for its usefulness and effectiveness, the platform was evolved to its current avatar and rebranded as LearnBeyond. Built by a team of developers and project managers with a genuine passion of learning, LearnBeyond has come to be known as the standard in eLearning by its users today.

Suresh Reddy serves as Director of NATA. NATA’s mission of serving the Telugu Indian-American community is achieved by organizing regional activities, meetings, and biannual conventions to celebrate Telugu culture and traditions. NATA has identified several key activities such as exchange programs for students, scientists, artists and professionals, and advancing the Telugu heritage, sponsoring events that enrich and enlighten society, and extending support back home for educational, business and overall development of Telugu communities across the globe.