Parent Referral Programme

It is hugely gratifying to receive the overwhelming appreciation we have been receiving from many of Candor parents who already share our vision to create a holistic and wonderful learning experience for our students. As a gesture of our appreciation we are happy to introduce our parent referral programme, whereby existing parents can refer other parents and receive a reward once the referred parent’s ward is enrolled.

Referral Program

Referral Process

The process of referral rewards is as follows:

  1. Write to us with name and contact details of the referred student / family at [email protected]
  2. You will receive an acknowledgement from the admissions team
  3. We will inform you when the child is enrolled with Candor
  4. Your referral reward will be released in two weeks from the date of enrolment
  5. You may refer as many parents as you wish and receive your referral award more

Referral Policy

  1. Every successful referral will be entitled to receive INR 10,000 reward.
  2. A referral will be considered successful only: i) if the referred parent mentions in the walk-in & admissions form the full name and details of the referee; ii) once the referred parent enrols his or her ward at Candor and the fees is paid
  3. The reward will be paid to the referee as a waiver to subsequent tuition fee of referee’s ward