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Candor offers an on-campus residential facility throughout the academic year, with both weekly and regular boarding in Bangalore, for students in Grade 5 to Grade 12. Weekly boarders reside at school from Monday to Friday and return home for the weekends, while regular boarders live on campus through the academic year.

Hostel Rooms and Food

The hostels are spacious, comfortable, and are allocated on a shared basis (two to three per room) to encourage socialization, and emotional and mental well-being. Each residential facility also houses a TV room and a common study area; dinner is served in the dining hall, which offers healthy and in-house cooked meals, with a varied menu to cater to international and Indian boarding residents.
Candor boarders in their hostel room
Boarders in their hostel room

Facilities, Tuck Shop and Sports

Boarders enjoy access to the school grounds throughout the day as well as after school. The boarders also have access to the sports courts, game fields, half-Olympic-sized swimming pool, and a tuck shop which offers snacks, toiletries and essential items for purchase. To encourage a healthy lifestyle, boarders participate in mandatory physical activity in the mornings before school starts, and the evenings after school ends.
Candor boarders eating in the Dining Hall
Eating in the Dining Hall

Dorm Parents

Each residential facility is staffed by a dedicated boarding parent, who lives on-campus 24/7, in the same building as the hostel students. All boarding parents undergo strict police background verification checks. In addition, boarding parents are also selected for their ability to be a source of support to children living away from home.
Candor Boarding students with a dorm parent
Candor Boarding students with a dorm parent

Safety and Security

Boys and girls are housed in two separate buildings. Non-boarders and parents are not permitted to enter unless accompanied by the dorm parent.  In addition, to ensure maximum safety and security, boys are not permitted to enter the girls’ hostels and vice versa.
Candor boarding buildings for girls and boys
Boarding buildings

Disciplined lifestyle

Boarders experience a disciplined lifestyle, with scheduled time for study, meals, physical exercise, personal time, gadgets, phone calls, and recreation. Boarders can study in the common room as well as in their rooms. Dinner in the dining hall is at a common time for all boarders, and during personal time, boarders are free to socialize with others boarders in the common room watching TV, relaxing in the common areas, or catching up with family over the phone or video calls. For more detailed information on the boarding schedule, please contact Admissions.
Candor boarder studying in the Common Room
Studying in the Common Room

Shopping and Outings

On weekends, boarders enjoy more flexibility and recreation time. In addition, the school organizes monthly off-campus outings for shopping, cultural programmes, etc. On the last weekend of every month, the school allows boarders to travel back home to their parents/guardians house.

Happy boarders at Candor
Happy boarders

In sum, boarding at Candor International School is a wonderful opportunity to experience living independently and with people from diverse and international backgrounds. With younger children, it is an opportunity for character development, and for children in the higher grades, it saves valuable time commuting, allowing them to put it towards studying. Under the guidance of dedicated boarding parents, hostel residents discover their personalities, and develop a disciplined lifestyle, along with adaptability, self-sufficiency, and empathy.

For more information on boarding, please contact our Admissions office.

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