Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS)

Candor Clothes Collection Drive – 9th to 21st March 2021

Students of IBDP-1 Candor International school in collaboration with a non-profit organisation (Imagine Clothes Bank Bangalore) organised a pre-loved clothes collection drive. This activity was planned and executed by our students which included designing communications campaigns for clothes collection drive, sorting and storage of collected material and eventually donating it at the Clothes Bank. Through this campaign, the students were able to collect 900 garments (210 kgs) which served 500+ needy people and also impacted the carbon footprint by approx 750 kgs of CO2. This campaign also created awareness among the students about the importance of sustainability and circular economy through reuse of pre-loved items.

CAS - Bake sale - on 7th and 8th April 2021

The Bake Sale event was planned primarily as a fundraising event where the students cooked and baked delectable sweets and desserts at home, organized food stalls at the school and sold the same to all the school students. Through this bake sale, an amount of approximately INR 40000 was raised, which was subsequently used by the students to finance the Labour Day celebrations. Through this event, students showcased their culinary, project management and business skills.

Farming - March to May 2021

As part of the farming initiatives IBDP-1 students planned and participated in a program which involved learning farming techniques. The students had practical farming experience at the school where they prepared a small patch of land for growing vegetables like brinjal, tomatoes, coriander, bell pepper and more. The small field was cleared, ploughed, lines of furrows were dug up to sow seeds and the field was regularly watered and maintained with manure creating a vegetable garden. The produce was used by our school kitchen. The IB Chemistry students learnt on the job and also taught younger school students through live demo sessions on topics like decomposition, organic farming and water filtration. The students learnt about sustainable farming, the effect of global warming on farming, and were exposed to basic practical farming steps.

Giving Back Event for our Support Staff Team - (Labour Day Celebration) - 7th May

IBDP Students planned and hosted an event for our support staff team members as a thank you gesture for all their service and support which forms the backbone of efficient operations. The main aim was to have fun with the support staff team and included different sports competition and cultural events followed by lunch served by the students for the support staff. The funds for the event were raised entirely by the students. The cultural activities included singing and dancing performances by the team and everybody enjoyed the day off getting recognised for all their hard work which they keep performing throughout the year. Multiple members of the support staff team were also awarded with gifts and awards. Students learnt about teamwork, stewardship, respect and understood the importance of all the business functions at an organisation.

Pre - loved Donation Drive - 19th to 29th September

After the success of the last year’s Clothes Collection Drive in collaboration with the non-profit organisation (Imagine Clothes Bank), the IBDP CAS students planned a bigger Collection Drive this year where they added new categories for donation and collection drive for Pre-loved Toys, Bags and other necessities along with the Pre-loved clothes . The Imagine Clothes Bank team visited the school and gave a presentation on their work to the students and also gave specific requirements based on the demand by their beneficiaries for pre-loved Sarees, bags and toys to be collected as the timing of the drive was near the festive season. The students accepted the bigger challenge and planned and executed the Campaign with a lot of educational and promotional communication, live sessions in different classes explaining the purpose, cause and how a donation can not only help a needy person but also its impact on the environment. A total of 1000 pre-loved items were collected saving 1016 Kg of CO2, 160 thousand litres of water and 72 kgs of insecticides.

Pottery Initiative - 27th September - 2022

IBDP Students learnt the art of pottery with the help of our Arts faculty and decided to make pots, small useful containers and earthen lamps which can be put into practical use in their homes and part of it donated to the needy.The students first got exposed to the basic steps by watching online tutorials on how to make pottery, but really making the pot was something they always wanted to accomplish. They got the opportunity to work with the Arts faculty for this initiative. Pottery demands a great deal of patience, precision, and dedication. Pottery necessitates the use of one’s hands with patience and the formation of a shape by turning the pot and shaping one’s hands in the shape of a circle. The Art Faculty taught several techniques for simplifying the procedure and ability to mass produce some items.All students learnt a new skill which also had a practical purpose and this learning can be expanded in their other fields of work as well.

FundRaising Event for a Cause (Domestic Violence) - 2022

A team of IBDP students planned and executed a fundraising and awareness event on the topic of Domestic Violence against Women. They decided to organize an event that will include performing arts items which the students will perform to increase awareness on Domestic Violence against women and also a food festival to raise funds for the cause to be donated to a NGO. Students were grouped in two  teams – one which will perform during the event and another which will manage the food stalls (Bring food and sell).  This event raised money for NGO’s that fight for and help with Violence Against Women (Women Empowerment). The event was a massive success which involved detailed planning,timely execution and teamwork. The students designed posters to create awareness for everyone, organise who is cooking what, manage the coupons/money, etc. A whole array of dishes were prepared for the food stalls (for example – Brownies, Samosas, Cookies, Popcorn, etc.

Teaching Support staff - ongoing event

The Boarding students of IBDP participated in an initiative to teach English to support staff who were interested in learning. These are students with different levels of learning demands like some of the team members wanted to learn English from scratch while some wanted to learn spoken English and sentences. Students formed categories and created courseware that tried to cater to each of the different learning needs by dividing the team members into groups and in some cases one on one attention was required. The IBDP students also created reference and exercise books, unit plans, worksheets and enough study material. This is an ongoing CAS experience going on teaching around 20 number of support staff team members. The students learnt about converting their knowledge into teaching material and lesson plans.

Labour Day Celebration

Candor International School International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) students decided to organize a special celebration for the hardworking support staff at their school for Labour Day. The students felt that the school staff, including Mobility Team, Canteen Team, Logistic Team, Cafeteria Team, Housekeeping Team, and other support staff, often go unrecognized for their contributions to the school community. As part of their Creativity, Activity, and Service (CAS) project, the students planned a day of festivities to show their appreciation.


The IBDP students started planning the event two months in advance. They worked together to come up with ideas for sports activities and organised cultural events. They also, made “Thanks you” cards, gifts, and lunch that would make the day memorable for the staff. The students were divided into committees, with each group responsible for a different aspect of the celebration. One committee focused on decorations, another on refreshments, and another on entertainment.

On the day of the event, the school was abuzz with excitement. The students had decorated the school with colourful banners, streamers, and balloons, creating a festive atmosphere. The students had even arranged for beverages and snacks to be served during the sport events

The staff members were touched by the students’ efforts to show their appreciation. As part of the entertainment, the students had organized a talent show, featuring performances from both staff and students. There were singing and dancing, which brought a lot of smiles to everyone’s faces. The IBDP students also presented a heartfelt speech, expressing their gratitude for the staff’s hard work and dedication.

The Labour Day celebration organized by the IBDP students was a huge success. It was a wonderful opportunity for the students to show their appreciation for the staff, and for the staff to feel recognized and valued. The event was not only a great way to give back to the school support staff community, but it was also an enriching experience for the students, who learned about teamwork, leadership, and community service.

In conclusion, the Labour Day celebrations organized by the IBDP students were a perfect example of how students can use their creativity, activity, and service skills to give back to their school community. It was an inspiring event that left a lasting impression on everyone involved.

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