Ms. Rhona Gideon

EY Coordinator
Rhona G

B.Sc. in Physics

M.Div. in Theology

IBO workshop on Making the PYP Happen

 IBO Workshop on Inquiry Cat – 3

Ms. Kiran Singh

PYP Coordinator
Kiran Singh

Bachelors in Humanities


IB workshop Making the PYP Happen – Cat 1

IB workshop Inquiry to assessments – Cat 2

IB workshop Teaching and learning in PYP – Cat 2

IB workshop The Learning environment and inquiry – Cat 2

IB workshop Creativity, Critical Thinking and Conceptual Understanding for the 21st Century – Cat 3

IB workshop Reading and writing in the Inquiry – Cat 3

IB workshop Leading an effective professional learning community by TAISI

Ms. Dipti Singh

Middle School Coordinator

B.E. in Aeronautics

Workshop on Project Based Learning

Workshop on Launching MYP

TESMC (Teaching ESL in mainstream class)

Cambridge International Diploma for Teachers and Trainers (CIDTT) from ITARI

CIE introductory workshop of 0580 Mathematics

Introductory workshop of IB for Mathematics Studies SL

Ms. Anjana Gupta

Cambridge Coordinator
Anjana Gupta



Certified Guidance/Career Counsellor (UCLA, California)

Category 1 IB Workshop in Business Management.

Advanced Level CIE Accounting Workshop.

Mr. Gourab Das Sharma

IBDP Coordinator

  Post-graduate in commerce – M.Com


  IGCSE Workshop in Business Studies

  IBO workshop Cat3 in New Syllabus in Business Management

  IBO workshop Cat2 in TOK

  Mentor for NAIMUN held in Washington DC

  Mentor for Global Student challenge held in Hong Kong PolyU.

  IBO workshop in Cat1 DP Coordinators & Administrators

  Senior Faculty member in Business Management & TOK

Upcoming Events

april, 2021