Frequently Asked Questions

Candor, like most other international schools, has world class infrastructure and offers an international curriculum. However, Candor is different, because:

 It ensures openness, celebrates diversity and creates a multicultural learning community

 It is the first green school certified by the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC). Only 20% of candor campus is constructed. Rest of the 80% is maintained as green space for the benefit of our community and the environment

  It has 6 acres of organic farm that  includes a  dairy farm and supplies 65% of vegetables and dairy products to Candor kitchen.

  Candor creates a desire in the students for lifelong learning, maximizing their academic potential, paving the way for them to become the best version of themselves. It produces excellent result and 100% pass percentage every year.

  More than 70% graduates receive offers from top Universities of the world every year.

  Candor has a very strong college counselling department to ensure top college and University placements for deserving candidates.

 Along with a meaningful learning, it encourages a community spirit and friendly atmosphere that allows individual personalities to develop, with utmost integrity and honesty.

 Diversity is accepted and valued in Candor. Its Founders, Faculty and Staff members represent diverse backgrounds, cultures and nationalities

 Its Special Educational Needs department is headed by qualified, trained, experienced and certified staff

Its Second languages program is staffed by native speakers of the languages

 It emphasizes parental partnership in the child’s learning

Candor offers the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (PYP) for Pre K to Grade 5. This curriculum is enquiry-based, student-centered and trans-, to transform a child to an active and engaged lifelong learner.

Candor offers the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) curriculum for Grades 6 – 10 which culminates in the IGCSE Certificate at the end of Grade 10. This curriculum is accepted worldwide as well as by the Association of Indian Universities.

Candor offers Diploma Programme of the International Baccalaureate (IBDP) and CIE AS & A Levels of Cambridge for grades 11 and 12. These two curricula are internationally recognized and also recognized by the Association of Indian Universities.

Traditional education systems are largely textbook-driven and teacher-directed that puts emphasis on teaching, testing and the exam results. A nurturing environment, an international curriculum, and a culturally diverse community help in facilitating an exceptional learning experience. The PYP, IGCSE and IBDP curriculum lay emphasis on meaningful continuous learning and concentrates on the application of knowledge to real life. Students learn through relevant, significant and engaging curricula, with a student-centric approach where students are encouraged to share the responsibility for their learning with teachers as facilitators.

The Candor programme integrates music, dance, drama, arts, robotics technology, sports and community service into its timetable in order to deliver a holistic education.

Candor is aware of the desire in students to go overseas for their higher education. The IGCSE and IB make this transition easier. A career and guidance counselor ensures that each child is adequately guided through the process of finding the right college or university upon the completion of their schooling at Candor. At the same time, it doesn’t limit the scope for the others who opt to study in India, as both the IGCSE and the IB are recognized by the Association of Indian Universities.

Candor maintains a delicate balance between classroom, experiential and problem/project-based learning, and also a discriminate use of technology in the classroom. Children learn from their peers, as well as from the teachers who are the initiators and facilitators in the learning process. The school understands that balance is key for a healthy and fulfilling life and therefore encourages them to share their understanding and to apply knowledge to real life situations.

Candor handpicks its faculty members for their qualification, experience in international education, and commitment to the all-round development of students. Candor recognizes that it is imperative for teachers to remain learners themselves in order to be able to develop strategies and practices to create the most challenging environments for students to grow. Therefore, Candor makes Professional Development (PD) days an integral part of a teacher’s learning, growth, and adaptation to new learning technique. Candor International School is a member of:

Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development(ASCD)

American Library Association (ALA)

Near East South Asia Council of Overseas Schools (NESA)

The excellent infrastructure and international standards that Candor takes pride in, is also reflected in all aspects of academic, residential or co-curricular facilities, not to exclude the 3rd rank awarded in India for Campus and Architecture and First Indian Green School by – IGBC.

Candor provides AC buses with seat belts, a GPS, and female attendants on each bus to ensure the safety of every child. The school bus routes are shared with the parents which enables parents to check whether their children are on board, and determine the location of the bus, and the transport system is closely monitored by the Dean of Administration.

Candor takes all possible measures to ensure a caring and joyful environment that nurtures global citizens. Study, recreation, activity, and rest are enjoyed in equal measures to maintain that perfect balance. It has homely dorms with TV, music, games, a small kitchen and most importantly, a dorm parent to look after the needs of the residential students, playing a crucial role in creating a safe, healthy and friendly environment. The students are guided towards becoming academically focused, active, and caring individuals and this enhances the community living experience of boarding students in Candor.

Faculty advisers live in apartments in each dorm, providing guidance and help whenever students need it and this makes it as close as realistically possible to a home experience.
Professional medical staff is on call round the clock to assist the boarding students. Furthermore, Candor has a tie-up with Apollo and Fortis hospitals which ensures the best treatment possible.

Students are encouraged to communicate with the parent on regular basis.

The security and communication systems also ensure that entry/exit are monitored at all times and that all emergencies are attended to immediately.

A student’s progress is regularly monitored through Formative and Summative assessments and parents are regularly updated on their child’s progress through the Online platform of Learn Beyond periodically.

Parents are also provided with the regular parents/teacher meeting schedule.

Weekly residential facilities can ensure that academic work, social and other activities are taken care of during the weekdays and parents are able to spend quality time with their children over the weekend.

Yes, Candor strives to be recognized as one of the finest educational institutions and it is a culturally rich mosaic, integrating music, drama, sports, arts, and Robotic technology into its curriculum with a firm belief that emotional and social development provided by the co-curriculars are extremely important in them being shaped into global citizens.

Candor believes that being international is a state of mind that goes beyond flags, festivals, and food. At Candor it means:
 Encouraging candid discussions about sensitive local and global issues like racism, discrimination, human rights, terrorism, etc.
 Actively encouraging the appreciation of other countries and their cultures
 Accepting differences of opinion and ways of thinking

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