About Us


Welcome to Our School

Candor International School, Bangalore, opened its doors to the first cohort of students in august 2011. Since then the school has grown by leaps and bounds. The name of the school was carefully chosen and the logo was consciously created by the founders. The name ‘Candor’ is derived from the Latin word ‘candere’, which means ‘to shine’. It stands for openness, impartiality, frankness, honesty, integrity and purity. We believe in ‘candor’ and aim to infuse this quality into our students and into everything we stand for at Candor.

Candor Logo

Candor logo embodies the essence of who we are and why we exist

  The three dots on inverted arches represent human forms with outstretched arms and symbolize the power of team endeavour

  The wings represent the potential for our dreams to soar into reality

  The flame symbolizes our combined energy towards realizing our aspirations

  The shield represents our will to preserve our values and environmental heritage in the face of change

  Burgundy, the colour of our logo, stands for vigour, elegance, richness, refinement, leadership and maturity

A group of 14 dedicated educators and other professionals worked together tirelessly to ensure that the very first academic year of the school commences from August 1, 2011. The construction work began in December 2010. The dream of the young entrepreneur was fulfilled. Today, Candor is an Authorized IGCSE and IB school in Bangalore and has staff and students from 18 nationalities.