Candor International School has received multiple awards for its leadership in international education, facilities, safety, and green infrastructure.

Bengaluru Awards

  • Excellence in Tech-Connect & Sport Infrastructure (2019-20)
  • Outstanding Commitment and Exceptional Efforts in Promoting Curricular Education (2019-20)
  • Ranked among Bangalore’s top 5 International Day-Cum-Boarding Schools (2017-18)4
  • Twice-ranked among the top 3 in Bangalore’s Top International Day Schools (2015 and 2017)3
  • Ranked #5 Top International School in Bangalore & #6 Top Residential School in Bangalore (2018)5
  • Ranked #1 in Safety and Hygiene (2016)2
  • Ranked #1 in Infrastructure Provision (2015)2
  • Ranked #1 in Leadership Management Quality (2015)2
  • Most Influential Brand in Education Award (2015-16)1

Karnataka State Awards

  • Ranked among Karnataka’s top 5 International Day-Cum-Boarding Schools (2017-18)4
  • Ranked #2 in Karnataka in Top International Day Schools (2017)3

National Awards

Among the best-ranked schools in India

  • Awarded by ‘Brainfeed’ for the innovative approach in grooming young learners with skills for life. For being one of the top international schools, having the best infrastructure and technology, providing a healthy and serene atmosphere to ensure the happiness quotient index for the overall development in all children (2019-20)
  • India’s Most Trusted International Residential School in the South Zone Region (2019-20)
  • Forbes Great Indian Schools (2018-19)
  • Ranked among India’s top 5 International Day Cum Boarding Schools (2017)3
  • Ranked #5 in India’s Top 10 International Schools (2015)3

Environment and Community Development Awards

Candor thinks global, acts local. We are the only school in India that has a certified eco-friendly school campus.

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7 Education Today in the category ‘Exemplary Contribution to Education’
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