Candor International School Community

The Candor School Community, like any vibrant and dynamic community, is made up of a rich diversity of personnel who fit into the various departments of the school.

A judicious blend of interdependence and autonomy is what makes the Candor community very special.

Our community consists of our Students, Teaching staff, Coordinators, Administrative staff, Medical staff, Kitchen staff, Dorm Parents, a Personal Counselor, a College and Career Guidance Counselor, and a Special Educator, all of whom together add to the richness and diversity of the school.


Our student body comprises of both Indian and overseas students with diverse linguistic, cultural, and religious backgrounds. They are placed in appropriate advisory groups so that they have access to timely counsel and support in all aspects of their school life. They are also encouraged to work on their latent talents and skills in the Arts, Music, Sports or any other area of interest.

Teaching Staff

Our Teaching staff is qualified and experienced in their respective fields, and are life-long learners committed to making the learning experience of every student a rewarding one.

The school is committed to helping teachers embody and encourage the application of Candor’s vision in every situation – a set of attitudes and behaviors that they foster in every learner. They undergo monthly in-house Professional Development workshops on pedagogical practices for the enrichment of their classroom management techniques and learning facilitation processes. The teaching staff is also encouraged to attend training workshops in each of their subject areas to ensure that their programme delivery methods are up-to-date. Our ASCD (Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development) membership provides our staff with additional teaching resources, made available only to members.

Administrative Staff

Our Administrative staff understands that their role as support to the academic and co-curricular programme is critical as they provide the framework for the whole programme. They are committed, enthusiastic, and their empathetic approach goes a long way in creating an environment where learners feel happy, safe and valued.

Medical Staff

Our Medical staff, which includes the doctor and the nurse, is committed to the health and well-being of the community on campus. They are on call, 24 X 7, and have the ability to deal with children in a warm and friendly manner. They provide a valuable service to the school.

Kitchen Staff

Candor International school, the first Green school in India, understands and hence lays emphasis on serving nutritious meals which will help kids stay healthy and provide them with the necessary energy to get through the day!

Laid out and served in the most hygienic manner, each meal is meticulously planned well in advance! They are a combination of all the necessary nutrients and always multi cuisine, designed to suit even the most discerning palate! In a single meal, we can pick a Penne with Ricotta cheese, a Bisibele bhath to a Kolharipuri chicken, mildy spiced and the aroma wafting out of the dining hall tingling the taste-buds! Whole- grain cereal, fresh fruits, fat-free milk to a variety of signature dishes from all around the world, it is a result of extensive research to serve even the so-called junk food prepared in a nutritious avatar, to bring in variety and break monotony!


Our Coordinators are committed, qualified, experienced, and knowledgeable about the programmes they lead, and have the ability to inspire both students and the teachers. The coordinators have the responsibility of ensuring that the academic and co-curricular programmes are delivered effectively and that the communication lines between parents and the school are always open. They are the bridge between the Management and the students and teachers.


Dorm parents are the loco in parentis (in place of parents) for our residential students and they look after the needs of the residential students, playing a crucial role in creating a safe, healthy and friendly environment. Under their care, the students are guided towards becoming academically focused, active, and caring individuals and this enhances the community living experience of boarding students in Candor.


Personal Counselor

We nurture the social, emotional, physical, and intellectual development of our students. We have a dedicated counsellor trained to support students through the various challenges that they may experience. In addition, a College Counsellor supports students with career guidance and university applications.

The counselor helps identify problems and provides an emotional blanket that enables the children to adjust academically, emotionally and socially.

The counselors are selected based on their ability to build a rapport with students of all ages, and for their ability to maintain confidentiality under all circumstances, unless a breach was deemed necessary for safety reasons.

College and Career Guidance Counselor

The College and Career Guidance Counselor (CCGC) guides High School students in their search for colleges and universities, both in India and abroad. The CCGC helps with admissions and funding processes (wherever applicable) and ensures that they are successfully completed. The CCGC is also the resource person for parents for college and career related enquiries.

Special Educator

Our Special Educator runs the Special Educational Needs (SEN) progamme which caters to the needs of students who require special support, and the needs of our gifted students. As parents become increasingly aware of SEN, Candor ensures that the Special Educator is able to:

 Support students with identified learning needs and/or enrich the experience of our gifted students

 Raise awareness among staff about identifying and addressing these special needs

 Address the requirements for support and/or enrichment with parental involvement

 Support students in an inclusive way