The Candor School Community like any vibrant and dynamic community is made up of a rich diversity of personnel who fit into the various departments of the school.

The paradox of interdependence and autonomy is what makes the Candor community very special.

The community is made up of Teaching Staff, Students, Coordinators, Administrative staff, Medical staff, Kitchen staff, Dorm Parents, a Personal Counselor, a College and Careers Guidance Counselor, and a Special Educator, all of whom make up the richness and diversity of the school.

Teaching Staff

The Teaching Staff are qualified and experienced in their fields; and are life-long learners committed to making the learning experience for every student a rewarding one.

They will be involved in monthly in-house Professional Development workshops on pedagogical aspects that will enrich their classroom management and learning facilitation. The teaching staff will also be sent to teacher workshops in each of their different subject areas so they are current in their delivery of the programme. Our ASCD membership will provide teaching staff with the professional enrichment provided by the resources made available as members.

Administrative Staff

The Administrative staff understand that their role as support to the academic and co-curricular programme is critical as they are the framework for the whole programme. They have been selected for their record of commitment, enthusiasm and their understanding that they play a crucial role in their interaction with students, parents and staff.

Medical Staff

Medical staff, like the doctor and the nurse are committed to the health and well – being of the community of staff and students. They are on call 24 X 7 and have been selected because they have a positive record of being able to deal with children in a cordial and pleasant manner. They realize that they provide a valuable service to the school.

Kitchen Staff

The Kitchen staff understand that a school marches on its stomach and that cleanliness and hygiene enhance the nutritious and attractively served meals. The staff have been oriented in child friendly behavior and in international cuisines and have been selected for their expressed desire to work for the satisfaction of the students.


Students come from India and overseas with diverse linguistic, cultural, and faith backgrounds. They will be placed in advisor groups so that they will be supported with timely counsel in all aspects of school life. They will also be encouraged to develop any latent talent and skills in the Arts and Sports or any other area of interest.


The Coordinators are qualified, experienced, committed to and knowledgeable about the programmes they lead, and have then ability to inspire both students and staff. The Coordinators have the responsibility of ensuring that the academic and co-curricular programmes are delivered effectively, that the communication lines between parents and school are always open. They are the bridge between the Management and the students and teachers.


Dorm parents are the loco in parentis (in place of parents) for our residential students and they provide the firmness yet warmth of a secure environment away from home. They have been selected for their commitment to seeing the all -round development of the students under their care.


Personal Counselor

The Personal Counselor is qualified, trained and has the experience in international schools to handle the issues related to such an environment. The counselor through identifying the problems and providing coping skills will enable the children to adjust academically, emotionally and socially. The counsellor has been selected for being able to build a rapport with students of all ages, and for being able to maintain confidentiality unless it is necessary to breach it for safety reasons.

College and Careers Guidance Counselor

The College and Careers Guidance Counselor (CCGC) will be able to guide students in High School in their search for colleges and universities both in India and overseas. The CCGC will help admissions processes and funding (where needed) to be completed successfully. The CCGC will also be the resource person for parents about college and careers enquiries.

Special Educator

The Special Educator will run the Special Educational Needs (SEN) progamme which will cater to the needs of gifted students, as well as to those who need special support. As SEN is an area that more and more parents are becoming increasingly aware of, Candor’s Special Educator will be a trained person who will:

 Support students with identified learning needs or enrich gifted children

 Raise awareness among staff about identifying and addressing the issues

 Address the issues for enrichment or support with parental involvement

 Support students in an inclusive programme