College Counselor

Ms. Priscilla Boaz
Head- Career & University Guidance

Which is the right curriculum A levels or IBDP program?

It would be absolutely wrong for me to one is better or right from the other. A level and IB are both highly reputed and excellent qualifications, each having their own objectives. Hence, we at Candor have spread out the choice of both these curriculums understanding that the need of each student differs from other. So, instead of saying which is the right curriculum, I would say we must see the right fit for the student, understanding the student’s personality, study patterns and background would help in making an informed decision.

Differences between the A levels and IB?

Well… I would like to put A levels as a vertical learning and IB as Horizontal learning. What I mean by that is A level is in-depth and a student gets to study minimum of 3 subjects, whereas IBDP takes a more balanced approach with wider range of subjects, You will have to do 6 subjects, 3 @ HL and 3 @ SL. So lets say, if your child is a STEM student, irrespective of his or her interests, would still pick up a subject from humanities and arts, making him a balanced students. The other difference would be the added TOK, CAS and EE, where the student is expected to be self-driven and be able to research and produce an essay of 4000 words, meanwhile also engaging in Creativity, actions and service. However, I would like to reiterate that both are excellent curriculums with the same subject concepts.

Which qualification is more accepted and reputed in the light of the universities?

There is no priority of the curriculum for the acceptances from the universities, It solely depends on the criteria set by the universities, in terms of academic performance, good profile and best fit for the vision of the university and to see how the student is able to give back to the community their learnings and benefit the society at large. Any excellent student is capable of getting top placements irrespective of the curriculums.

Can we transfer out from the curriculum in the middle of the year?

Yes, it is possible to transfer, but.. we need to understand that teaching methodology and ways of learning varies and it may be very challenging to adapt in between.

Can students get into an Indian Education System after grade 10 and into an Indian University after grade 12?

Candor is aware of the desire in students to go overseas for their higher education. The IGCSE and IB make this transition easier. A career and guidance counselor ensures that each child is adequately guided through the process of finding the right college or university upon the completion of their schooling at Candor. At the same time, it doesn’t limit the scope for the others who opt to study in India, as both the IGCSE and the IB are recognized by the Association of Indian Universities.