Board of Directors

K.M. Doraiswamy

Board of Director
K.M. Doraiswamy brings a lot of valuable experience to our Board. He retired as Joint Secretary, Department of Telecommunications, on deputation to BSNL as the General Manager. He is the founder of Techspeil Infocom which offers consultancy in Telecommunications and Technology. He has been on deputation to Telettra, Italy; Hewlett Packard, Singapore; and GSM Cellular, Paris, under the United Nations Development Programme. He served as an expert in transmissions and technology in Zimbabwe for over two years. He has presented several papers, among them a paper on Mobile Communications at the Queens University in Canada. His doctoral thesis has been submitted for consideration for his Ph.D. degree.

Erina Callaco

Board of Director
Erina Callaco
Erina Callaco is the President and founder of an IT Company based in the USA and Canada. She has over 17 years of experience in the IT industry and holds a post graduate degree in Computer Applications from the University of Mumbai. As a Senior Consultant at a top global consulting company, some of her clients included Zurich Insurance, Canon, Pfizer, and Allianz. She is an active participant in numerous fundraising events for charities and brings in a lot of community service aspect to the team.

Madhavi Sirigireddy

Board of Director
Madhavi Sirigireddy is a performance-driven professional with over 9 years of experience in Human Resource Management, recruitment and corporate & employment laws. She is a strategic architect in the development of innovative HR initiatives to streamline processes and to capitalize on organizational growth opportunities. She is also a creative thinker and a decision maker, who sees herself as a perpetual learner, efficiently balancing the needs of the employees with the mission of the organization through strong communication, interpersonal relationships, mentoring and organizational skills.

Having lived in the USA and being a part of the fastest 500 growing IT company
– Cyber Resource Group in various capacities, she brings her rich experiences to Candor to impact the International Curriculum’s primary focus on the vision and performance across all aspects of the school.

She has also attended IBO Workshops at various levels to stay ahead of the curve with innovative implementation of IB ideologies in Candor. Her infectious passion about the education system at Candor and her support for the academic team brings a transformation and helps to meet the highest standards in all aspects of transacting the Cambrige and the IB Programmes.

She pioneered and engaged herself with the Young Entrepreneurship Programme and Makers Club across the Middle and High School level.

Madhavi Sirigireddy plays a significant role in driving Candor International School with a 21st century leadership qualities with Creative thinking through information in new ways, making new connections and coming up with innovative solutions to problems.

While virtual learning is a basic part of the 21st century education, Ms. Madhavi Sirigireddy makes sure that the technology is used strategically to benefit the fraternity of Candor in their learning process.

“We are what we repeatedly do. EXCELLENCE, therefore, is not an act, but a habit”