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Nurturing Your Future!

“Do not follow where the path may lead. Go, instead, where there is no path and leave a trail.”– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Every University and College is looking for an all-rounded multifaceted talent. To emphasize the need, at Candor we offer various clubs and extracurricular activities. We strongly believe these soft skills would help them to nurture their career goals. Indeed! An academic credential is an essential part of college admission. Beyond that, the student’s soft skills are the key to open the college admissions.

College admissions are all about finding a school that fits you. As an applicant, you are looking for an environment where you can thrive academically and personally, and it is the job of an admission officer to identify students who will make great additions to a unique campus community.

Your path to college begins your first year in high school as you make yourself college-ready. Grades and test scores are important factors in college admission, but admissions officers are also looking for curious and engaged candidates who will round out a diverse first-year class.


At Candor, we strongly believe the standardized exams are playing a vital role when applying to International admissions. Having said, we outsourced with the well-known institute called “The Test Rockers for delivering the SAT, and the PSAT preparatory program to our students.

ACT (American College Testing)

On the other hand the ACT (American College Testing) exams also equally accepted by the U.S. Universities. As said Candor is the official test center for the ACT exams. In a year around 15 exams slots are available on different time slots as per the student’s convenience.

University Fairs at Candor

“Besides every successful academic year, Candor organizes multiple fairs representing different parts of the world”.

Over top 100 universities will visit Candor every year. During the visit, students will get a firsthand experience on the course module, scholarships, application process and so on.

Cutting Edge Technology and College Admissions

In the past decades, applications were printed on paper and painstakingly completed with a typewriter. You can ask your parents, how the college application process was 20 years ago. The answer is “Stressful”.

Today students draft essays on their tablets, laptops, and even cellphones, take virtual tours of campuses, via the college’ websites, and file virtually all of their applications electronically. Technology has changed the college process completely.

The Bridge U Platform

“Candor has outsourced with Bridge U platform. It’s a cutting edge browser and application tool for navigate the best-fit universities. In addition, the platform helps the college counseling office to send the transcripts (student’s mark sheet, etc.) to various universities and colleges”.

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