Positivity during a Pandemic – MERAKI 2021

Date: 21 April 2021 Dear Parent, Greetings from Candor! It is my great pleasure to let you know that the editorial board of MERAKI has produced the Editorial Board Publication (MERAKI 2021) titled ‘Positivity during a Pandemic’. In this virtual year, it was difficult to meet deadlines and remain engaged with our goal; however, our [...]
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Student Council : March Flyer

April Flyer
As this academic year comes to an end, the monthly flyer for April highlights the most memorable aspects of it. This edition focuses on the events hosted by the Student Council 2020-21, in this unique virtual year. Here’s hoping all of you stay safe and healthy. If you have any questions or feedback please feel [...]
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Education Stalwarts 2021 | Leaders in Education | Top Educationists in India

Educationtoday special report about dr. Suresh Reddy
Education Stalwarts is about the experiences shared by the true leaders and game-changers in the field of education. Dr. Suresh Reddy Founder-Chairman – Candor International School is one of the leaders in education who have set the bar high for ensuring high-quality education with their tireless efforts and constant drive for excellence. Check out the [...]
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As per Education World India School Rankings 2020-21, Candor International School is ranked 9 in India, 5 in Karnataka and 5 in Bengaluru’s International day-cum-boarding

Candor International School Rank Awards 2021
Congratulations! Candor International School is ranked India’s #9, Karnataka’s #5 & Bengaluru’s #5 International Day-cum-Boarding in the Education World India School Rankings 2020-21. Link to Education World 
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Student Council : March Flyer

March Flyer International school
Greetings from the student council! We hope that even during the exam season you are taking good care of your health. In this month’s flyer you will find a summary of the recent past events and the updated house points. We hope you enjoy it! Please find the fourth issue of the school’s monthly flyer [...]
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Crop it!

Kids crafts
In their Social Studies classes, our grade 6 students have been studying the various agricultural practices that are followed around the world. They have also been exploring characteristic features of major crops like wheat, maize, sugarcane, rice, rubber, tea and coffee. Students found out that each of these crops requires precise growth requirements to be [...]
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Candor International School Student Council – February Flyer

Greetings from student council! We hope this mail reaches you in good health and all of you are safe. The board exams are approaching soon and we sincerely hope you’re taking care of yourselves during this stressful time. In this month’s flyer, you will find ways in which you can relax and manage stress as [...]
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Thanksgiving Chez Candor! 26th Nov 2020

Thanks Giving Candor
“Thank you is the best prayer that anyone could say. I saw that one a lot. Thank you for expressing extreme gratitude, humility, understanding.” – Alice Walker. At Candor, The PYP TEAM teamed up to celebrate Thanksgiving Day by expressing our gratitude towards the “Front Line Warriors”/ the supporting staff of the school. The PYP [...]
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Candor International School is Ranked No.2 in Bangalore & Karnataka

India's Top 20 International School
Candor International School is Ranked No.2 in Bangalore & Karnataka, and No. 7 in India’s Top 20 International Schools for the year 2020-21. We are glad and honoured to receive this prestigious title as a recognition of our commitment towards quality education. We congratulate and dedicate this grand success to the marvellous teachers, supportive parent [...]
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Transitioning from National To International Curriculum

National To International Curriculum
One of the common queries that comes from parents is how difficult it will be for kids to make the transition from national to international curriculum. To address that, we first need to understand some of the key differences between national and international curriculum. In India, when we speak about national curriculum, we are broadly [...]
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