Support Staff Appreciation Day Event – 4th May 2024

Creativity, Activity, and Service (CAS) program

IBDP students at Candor International School organized a Support Staff Appreciation Day celebration to show gratitude for our diligent staff. This initiative formed part of their Creativity, Activity, and Service (CAS) program, aiming to convey gratitude via a celebration-filled day. The students commenced planning the event two months prior, collaborating on ideas for sports activities and cultural events. Additionally, they fundraised for gifts and organized lunch to ensure a memorable day for the staff. Divided into committees, each group took charge of different aspects of the celebration, including decorations, refreshments, and entertainment.

On the event day, the school buzzed with excitement as students adorned it with colorful decorations, creating a vibrant ambiance. They also arranged for beverages and snacks to be served during the sports activities. The heartfelt efforts of the students deeply touched the staff members. The entertainment segment featured a talent show showcasing performances from both support staff and students, including singing and dancing, eliciting smiles all around. The IBDP students further expressed their gratitude through a sincere speech, acknowledging the staff’s hard work and dedication. The Support Staff Appreciation Day celebration organized by the IBDP students exemplified how students can utilize their skills to contribute to their school community. This inspiring event left a lasting impact on all participants.