Admissions Policy

Candor International School is an inclusive day-cum-residential school. Admission is open to K-12 students of the local and international community regardless of race, gender, religion, or country of origin. The Candor International School academic year consists of two semesters of two quarters each starting in August.

Semester I: August – December
Semester II: January – June
Quarter 1: August – September
Quarter 2: October – December
Quarter 3: January – March
Quarter 4 April – June

Candor has a transparent Admissions process. Currently the school enrolls students into an age appropriate grade based on their previous academic record in English, Mathematics, Science and Second language.

Enrollment for K – Grade 10
The admission forms can be downloaded from the website or completed online. Candor enrolls students on the basis of the past two year’s scholastic, as well as co-curricular records from previous schools. Only if considered necessary, a placement assessment will be given to ensure that a student is placed in the appropriate grade. Whenever there is a doubt about the capability of the student, parents will be consulted and advised by the school about placing the student initially in the lower grade until it is established that s/he is capable of moving to the next grade. This process can be found on our website.

Enrollment for (Grade 11)
The admission form can be downloaded from the website or completed online. Candor enrolls students on the basis of Grade 9 and 10 scholastic, as well as co-curricular records from previous schools. The Admissions committee will decide if a student needs a Placement assessment.

Enrolling continuing Students of Candor into the IB:
Grade 10 students and their parents will be given a detailed orientation about the philosophy, the benefits and demands of the IB Diploma programme to help them make an informed decision. When students get into grade 11 from the Candor system we ensure that they have the adequate Knowledge, Understanding and Skills to handle Pre-IB and on the recommendation of the subject teacher will be advised about which HL or SL courses they will register for.

Enrolling new students into the IB:
To enroll into the IB programme, a student should have completed Grade 10 successfully with a pass percentage of at least 50% from the IGCSE, CBSE, or ICSE Boards. Transfer candidates from other IB schools can be enrolled to Grade 11.( This is an internal requirement of the school). New students will take a placement test for English, Math and Second language just to ensure that they have adequate Knowledge, Understanding and Skills to cope with the demands of the DP as well as to assess which HL or SL courses they should take. The DPC and the subject teacher will advise students on this matter. Parents of new applicants will be given a detailed orientation about the philosophy, the benefits and demands of the IBDP to help them make an informed decision. The school will discuss the financial implications of the IBDP with parents to ensure that they will be able to support the student all through the IBDP at Candor International School as no scholarships are available.

Students from Non-English speaking backgrounds:
Students who cannot cope with the language of instruction, namely English, will be enrolled for the Diploma programme only on condition that they go through an intensive English course prior to enrolment into the IBDP on condition that they acquire the adequate language skills to handle the DP. This will be organized by the school whenever the need arises.

Enrolling students with special needs:
Candor, being an inclusive school, enrolls students with mild and moderate educational needs. Slow learners and physically challenged are accepted in Candor International School. (Refer to Candor SEN Policy). Before a Special Needs student is enrolled, scanned copies of their clinical assessments should be sent to the Admissions Officer. Based on the input from the special educator and counsellor, a series of meetings are scheduled with the parents and student so as to assess the child as well as the school’s ability to provide adequate services to the students. Once the application is submitted with all the relevant and supporting documents to the Admissions Officer, it will be reviewed by the Coordinators and Admissions Committee who will make a recommendation to the Principal for the final decision. The school reserves the right to cancel any enrolment if found that false information and documentation has been provided. Candor International School is an Interested School for the International Baccalaureate’s Primary Years Programme (PYP) for K1 to Grade 5, is accredited by the Cambridge University’s International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) for Grade 6 to 10, and is pursuing authorization with the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) for Grade 11 and 12. Candor International School began its first academic year in August 2011. The school invites applications for the following classes:
• Kindergarten – K1 and K2 (EY)
• Primary School – Grade 1 to 5(PY)
• Lower Middle School – Grade 6 to 8
• Upper Middle School- Grade 9-10
High School (IBDP-Candor is currently an IBDP candidate school)-Grade 11 and 12 (to be offered from August 2013)

Admissions Committee
Students will be chosen by the Admissions Committee composed of Principal, Admissions Officer, Section Coordinator, HOD Special Educational Needs (as required).

An Overview of the Admissions Process
The Admissions Process at Candor International School, Bangalore, involves the following:
Step 1: Contact Candor International School for information.
Tel: +91-80-30852807/888/999
Mob: +91-94832-99999
Email: [email protected]
Step 2: Complete the Application Form and Medical Form available online.
Step 3: Post or Scanned, email the completed and signed Application and Medical forms with supporting documents to [email protected]
Step 4: Visit the School, meet the Principal, and take Placement Assessments, if necessary.
Address: Hullahalli Village, Begur Koppa Road, Bangalore 560105.
Step 5: Receive communication that the student has been accepted.
Step 6: Pay the fees

Supporting Documents to complete the Admissions Process
• Photocopy of the Birth Certificate
• Original Transfer Certificate from the school last attended
• Conduct Certificate from the school last attended
• Photocopy of the scholastic achievement records from the school last attended confirming
• successful completion of the preceding class
• Completed Medical Record from an authorized Medical Practitioner
• Four Passport sized Photographs
• Any other information Parents consider necessary for the school to know

Additional Documents for Overseas Students
• A valid passport
• A student visa – Regular or Provisional
• Proof of availability of sufficient funds for the duration of studies in India for self- financing international students. The school will provide the necessary documents to support a student visa once the registration is complete. Reference: The Admissions policy for the IBDP has been formulated on the basis of the guidelines given in the document mentioned below:
“The Diploma Programme: From principles into practice”, International Baccalaureate Organization, April 2009.