From Placement Desk: The Future is Reserved for those who Believe in the Allure of Dreams

As a counselor, every university acceptance is an honor, and it fills me with immense joy to highlight the diligence of our Candor students. They have demonstrated that hard work, dedication, and discipline yield success, as evidenced by the offers our students have received from highly competitive universities. Each year, Candor students bring profound joy to our school community. Having closely observed their application journey, from counseling and navigating long and short lists to crafting essays and choosing majors, we’ve witnessed the momentous “send” button press. Despite the relief, there’s a stressful anticipation of offers. Today, we take pleasure in announcing the ongoing placements of our students at these esteemed universities. We extend our best wishes for their academic endeavors and hope they become beacons of positive change to the university community and society at large.