IB Diploma Subjects

Group 1: Studies in Language and Literature

English – Language & Literature, HL and SL
Mother tongue SL only (Dutch, Spanish, Japanese, Korean) – arranged as self-study, based on need

Group 2: Language Acquisition

Hindi B HL
French B HL
French ab initio SL
Spanish B HL
Spanish ab initio SL

Group 3: Individuals and Societies

Economics, HL and SL
Business Management, HL and SL
Psychology, HL and SL
History HL and SL

Group 4: Sciences

Biology, HL and SL
Chemistry, HL and SL
Computer Science, HL and SL
Physics, HL and SL

Group 5: Mathematics

Mathematics, HL and SL
Mathematical Studies, SL

Group 6: Arts

Visual Arts, HL and SL
Dance, HL and SL
Music, HL and SL

Interdisciplinary subject

Environmental Systems and Societies (ESS), SL (can be taken as an alternative to any Group 3 or Group 4 subjects )

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