Professional Development Day by Principal Mr Samik Ghosh

“Teacher Professional Development: It’s not an event. It’s a Process”.

A brilliant Saturday morning started with an interactive session among all the teachers and coordinators with our principal Mr Samik Ghosh guiding us ever so gently about multiple roles a teacher plays in the classroom AND outside! He emphasised on key areas like assigning the students with responsibility which will instil confidence in them, providing support for any kind of insecurity and disciplining them, while keeping a very sensitive approach. “The students need to know they are not alone”. He also drew attention to a healthy and effective communication among teachers which would lead to an outcome that will be significantly better than one teacher working alone.

A fresh and unique initiative was introduced by the him on “Section wise Collaborative Sessions on Teaching & Assessment Outcomes and Planning”. It is aimed at creating a team work that develops collective responsibility for the learning of each student which will result in evaluating each teacher and improving their skills where required.
A brainstorming 3 hour workshop was initiated by Creative Infotech, an Apple Solution Expert for Education and Apple Authorised Training Centre. The session was conducted by providing extensive classroom show and educating teachers on the use of Ipad as a teaching tool to adapt to 21st century teaching methodology. It was an engaging and highly useful session to say the least.