Parents – Teachers Interaction

Candor organised a Parent-Teacher Interaction on 9th November 2013 to keep a track of progress of students in the curricular and co-curricular activities. There was good response from the parents, who discussed their concerns and shared extra information that would assist the teacher to understand the needs of individuals and cater to them in the best possible way. We thank the parents for their feedback and showing their oneness with the school by being present.620710_740021656013471_911900063_o 980620_740021659346804_20334549_o 1399200_740021489346821_2013113928_o 1399295_740021689346801_478035172_o 1400731_740021496013487_1992342096_o 1403534_740021559346814_1984597421_o 1404540_740021532680150_1778014565_o 1404730_740021479346822_45117181_o