Family Histories’ was the unit in U O I for grade 3


12304325_1196654340350198_9080283069429423997_o ‘Family Histories’ was the unit in U O I for grade 3. They travelled in a ‘Time Machine’, went into the past to learn about the histories of their great grandparents, grandparents and parents. They also learnt about and compared how life was then and how life is now. As a formative assessment they created their own ‘Personal Family History Box’. These decorated shoe boxes had pictures of artefacts, heirlooms and memories of their families over the years, all put together for generations to come.12239195_1196654253683540_7553379649683888449_o12274294_1196654500350182_3750246596062645033_n

We all had an opportunity to learn about the different lifestyles of the students and their families including lines of royalty, freedom fighters, poets and famous actors who have contributed a lot to our country and society.