Drama Week

Drama week this year was rather improvised, yet this gave it a freshness which was much appreciated. The younger students did short skits on themes like “Lost” or the Discovery of Fire, using mime or improvised dialogues. The 7ths attempted the challenging theme of suspense in two stories of haunted houses; each with a surprise ending and the 8ths and 9ths amazed us all with a rendering of fictional characters on the Titanic before and after it sank. 

Their task, which took time and thought, was to become a character and do everything in that character, on the deck of the ship, interacting with others. It was very funny at times, and quite a feat getting so many students on and off stage, but it was quite a hit with the audience. Drama offers an opportunity for all students to relax, and be freely creative, exploring facets of themselves they might never have suspected were there. It is also great fun. Well done all!