Celebration “Dia de los muertos” (Day of the Dead) at Candor International School

Day of the Dead is a 3000 year old tradition.. it’s believed the souls of those who have passed to the underworld can come back to visit. It’s mainly associated with Mexico, but is celebrated throughout Latin America where families come together to welcome their loved ones with their favourite food, drinks, candles, flowers and incense.

On behalf of all the Spanish students, we are extremely pleased to share with you all, the celebration of “Dia de los muertos” (Day of the Dead) on 2nd November outside the Spanish room. All teachers squeezed in a few minutes and also encouraged their students to visit the Spanish room to soak in this unusual experience first hand which everyone agreed unanimously was a rare and excellent opportunity.

Scroll through the images below and be a part of this Intercultural Understanding which is a hallmark of Candor International School!


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