Candor International School – Teachers Retreat

A staff retreat day scheduled into the regular work life of an organization can be a source of great unity and inspiration. Creating a pause within a regular workday can help to create a healthy pace for our work lives. And the commitment to taking an entire day for staff contemplation and rejuvenation can make those changes more profound!
Indeed, the  Candor retreat last week was the perfect way to re-energize faculty, flesh out new programs, and help us to  get to know one another better through some really interesting and fun games!  A few outdoor activities  like Rope climbing   showed the sheer dedication and tenacity of our teachers that is reflective of the same in their class rooms as well. Part of what makes or breaks a retreat is its site and the resort we picked was a treat for the eyes and our senses…Our mentor , Mr Ghosh’s contribution to this retreat’s success  was immense! He put together a few team-building exercises like designing commercials for a TV audience that so subtly helped us  to analyse our strengths and weaknesses. It didn’t escape the teachers’ notice that the entire day’s activities were designed and curated by our Principal, Mr Ghosh  in order to create a bonding between teachers from High School, MSP and PYP,  that helped also to close gaps!! The meaningful discussions on topics ranging from fun classroom experiences to theatre, music and films were the proverbial icing on the cake!!

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