Candor International School – Teacher Appreciation Week

Teachers are the real life superheroes. They educate, innovate, encourage and support. Every day they touch the lives of millions of children and their work and impact extends far beyond the boundaries of the classrooms.There isn’t one right way to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week,as long as it’s done from the heart! And from the heart, it sure was. And also from the kitchens and the baking boxes. All through the week the teachers kept on receiving imaginative tokens  of appreciation  from the parents in various ways.  The event was organised by the School Community Association (SCA) and the grand finale was on the afternoon of Wednesday, 25 May 2016. A delectable variety of homemade snacks and refreshing drinks were served and the parents collectively put together some interesting ideas, like fun games that all the teachers from PYP, MSP and High School participated in, with full enthusiasm and gusto where many dressed up as movie characters! Some parents kept the PYP students engaged with story telling so that their teachers could participate in the grand finale. A week of celebration for the teachers left each one of them feeling humbled, appreciated and motivated to continue to do their very best and to touch lives with renewed determination knowing that their impact on every child lasts a lifetime!

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