Candor Annual Sports Day – 2013

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The 3rd Annual Sports Day of Candor International School! The weather was slightly overcast and perfect for an all day outdoor event. The house line up from Grade 1 to Grade 11 was very impressive with even the little ones trying to keep up with the rest. during the march past.
Untitled-4The Chief Guest, Ms Ashwini Nacchappa, in her opening speech extolled the very values that Candor believes-that in Sport as in other fields one must aim for excellence and success is just a  natural outcome of that.She also mentioned that most kids who do well in sport also begin to do well in other academic areas because of the confidence gained-again very much a Candor belief!   The students challenged each other and themselves and the house with the highest points was Green House. The parent turnout was wonderful considering it was a Friday. The Food sale counter run by Grade 11 CAS did a robust business raising funds for flood victims. We were also able to get around 30 saplings planted by parents as we did last year.  There was an enthusiastic involvement from many parents for the parent races and other adult fun races. It was an extremely enjoyable day made even better by the change in location to a bigger area of the campus!S 3
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