AI and Education

Artificial Intelligence is on the rise!

In the past few decades we have witnessed AI’s transformation from a thing of science fiction to a reality that is quickly entering numerous facets of our day to day lives. From self-driving cars to facial recognition and cyber-security, Artificial Intelligence is rapidly changing the face of the world that we live in.

Through subjects such as Global Perspectives and Theory of Knowledge, we at Candor work on helping learners to reflect on issues like these and critically think about their potential contributions to humanity, as well as their innate risks. Situations like these are not a binary black-and-white issue. Rather they are multi-faceted spectrums that learners must navigate while taking into account many different factors.

AI may have the potential to reduce repetitive work for humans, but it is also taking away the jobs of artists (as seen with AI art generators) and writers (as seen as a byproduct of the ongoing Hollywood strikes). Through critical examination and research into sundry articles and evidence, students at Candor work on developing the necessary skills to analyze and fully understand the potential that 21st century technologies like Artificial Intelligence have.

Nathan Darren Nayar