World Environment Day

Candor Interntional School celebrated World Environment Day .The theme of celebration this year  by the United Nation is Think.Eat.Live. The focus is primarily on food and food waste. At Candor the programme started with a Talk Show- ”Food For Thought”.The talk show stressed on Genetically Modified Organisms and looked at the pros and cons of genetically engineered food. I was also an opportunity for students to plant more saplings around the campus. The presentations by Mr.Joshua Barton, an aquatic and marine conservationist who’s passion is photography gave students an opportunity to interact with him. He shared  pictures that he had taken of life along the banks of the Cauvery, a river  right at our doorstep.  He also shared his underwater  pictures  of sea creatures,fishes. sharks, reptiles, amphibians  and semi-aquatic creatures such as the otter.