University Placements: Preparing for Success

University Placements

Your high school journey should be completed with a good college placement

At Candor, we strongly believe in the above statement. To emphasize the future career needs, we set the career road map from grade 9 onwards.

Milestone 1: When to start

Standardized Exams & Extracurricular Activities

Grade 9 is the actual time to kick start your career journey. Considering this, we offer various robust career activities at this level. Standardized exams and club activities are an essential part of the process.

PSAT exams and its importance: The PSAT exam comprises English comprehension, logical reading, and listening components. Most of the Universities from India and abroad expect these skills from the students. Therefore, at Candor, we offer the PSAT exams from grade 9 to 11 at different levels. Besides this, we encourage our students to participate in various club activities offered by the school. Extra-curricular activities are the key to conduct SWOT analysis of the student.

University Visits

University visits will always give firsthand experience on the study module, scholarships, application process, and so on. Every year around 100 elite universities visit Candor. During these visits our students get an opportunity to meet the university delegates face to face. The direct interactions help them to clarify various doubts critical to their career journey

Internship & Summer School Programs

Most of the universities offer different types of summer programs to help students understand the study methodology adopted. The summer programs are designed for different grades and different levels. The programs are delivered face to face or through virtual platforms. We encourage our students to take part in the summer program from grade 9 onwards.

Some well-designed internship programs are offered by successful entrepreneurs, professionals from multinational companies, and medical research institutes to allow students to explore different career options. Joining these programs from grade 9 onwards would help students to develop deeper career goals.

Milestone 2: What to do

Explore The Best-fit Universities

An active career counseling process will start in grade 11. At this level, students have to choose the subjects to focus on for their undergraduate programs. The students should also start to explore the best- fit universities for pursuing their higher studies. There are various authentic and useful  search engines available for one to choose the right university. In the U.K. students are allowed to apply for only five universities, whereas the students can apply for multiple universities in the U.S. and other countries.

Standardized Exams

At Candor we urge our students to appear for the standardized exams in early grade 11. SAT or Act exams should be given at grade 11 itself if you prefer to pursue undergraduate studies in the U.S. The IELTS exams are mostly a requirement for admission to European and South Asian Universities. Grade 11 or early grade 12 is the ideal time to appear for this exam.

Milestone 3: How to succeed

Standardized Test Scores

Standardized test scores play a critical role in your college application. The higher your score the more the number of colleges you become eligible for. A good SAT score also unlocks scholarship opportunities for you including in schools where tests are optional.

The closer your SAT score is to the national average, the greater your chances of securing admission in a school of your choice. Yes, grades do matter when it comes to admission decisions in colleges. Get an above-average score and you could be on your way to secure financial support from the college.

Well Written Statement of Purpose or College Essay

The Personal Statement or Statement of Purpose (SOP) is another decision driver when it comes to any college admissions process. The SOP enables the admissions committee to understand you better. While your grades reflect your academic acumen, the SOP throws light on your capabilities beyond your classroom life.

The SOP provides you the platform where you can highlight your extensive experience, including any internship stints and summer programs you have been a part of. Remember to communicate what all you learned, challenges you took head on, and the successes you achieved.

To sum up, a consistent academic record when backed with a good standardized test score and a strong SOP increases your chances to secure admission in a college.