Today’s assembly by Grade 7 Students

Today’s assembly by Grade 7 was one that was informative and thought provoking, at the same time very very interesting!  It was about World Religion and   it very sensitively  highlighted the creative sight of religion and posed that age old question plaguing our society since many years..  Does religion unite or divide us??? Without a shred of doubt, the element of fun and lack of a preachy tone in the presentation grabbed everybody’s attention and left us thinking……14589969_1448155365200093_4609236964191064890_o 14692200_1445988118750151_7554044503800211437_o 14701050_1448155361866760_3261174179792317180_o 14712834_1448156018533361_4849702071522380869_o 14714942_1448156035200026_2790260224478571629_o

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