Candor International School – Principal Message

The priorities and resolutions for the new academic year for Candor International School
Excerpts from the recent communications sent by the Principal, Mr. Samik Ghosh :

It will be my endeavor to ensure that Candor lives up to all its commitment and continues to widen the range of learning opportunities for the students. Not only for the residential students, Candor is a home away from home for all. Candor holds holistic development for its students on top priority and gives them strong values and a sense of identity. The journey through the school life will enable every child to discover herself/ himself. Academic rigour, high standard of teaching-learning process, discipline and organization are extremely important for all of us at Candor. There is no room for compromise or complacency in any matter.

At Candor we shall always maintain an outlook that School–Home partnership is the best way of preparing the students for their future.

True affection and care for the students are the driving force behind all our endeavor to create a wide range of opportunities for the students and to ensure academic rigour and excellent results and to give the students a strong sense of values and identity.

With regards,
Samik Ghosh
Candor International School