Student – Parent Interaction

The much anticipated Student-Parent Interaction took place on, April 13, 2013 this was followed by individual class presentations on different areas of learning by the Primary section while the Middle school students shared their portfolios and learning with their parents. From the report of many parents, it was a very meaningful insight into what learning was taking place in every subject area. After this it was the turn of the Middle school students to present some aspects of their learning while the Primary students shared their learning and their portfolios with their parents. Grade 6 presented their learning about Cryptography in ICT.
Grade 7’s clear choral presentation of Langston Hughes’s “Mother to Son”, a showcasing of what they have been learning in Language Arts was followed by Grade 8’s presentation on the information given them by their Social Studies peers in the partner school in Italy. It was very moving for parents to hear what their children are learning and very affirming to the teachers to know that learning has taken place. Teachers were around but not present in the room during the interaction
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