Robotics Exhibition


Candor International School conducted a
RoboticsExhibition on Friday, March 1st 2013

Grade 1 students Zaara and Advika displayed the tallest tower as they had learnt sturdy, stable building techniques.  Abhijeet made a Beam bridge and a  Draw bridge (different types of bridges, working of gears),and Vahishta made a spinning top which explained about  gears and its applications. Ismail made a windmill and Kanu made  a See-saw for the exhibition. Drew and Arya from Grade 2 displayed renewable energy sources like windmills, solar houses and a car which explains how steering wheel works.

Grade 3students Siddarth and Kaila made simple machines in a park which included merry-go-rounds, swings, slide, see-saw, wagon wheel and tricycle. Sahithi and Harinee made and displayed animals like giraffe, snake, elephant, ducks, lion, dinosaur, turtle, snail, dog and octopus and a tree.

Joseph and Abby from grade 4 made the working model of an elevator with pulley belts. Grade 5 students used Scratch and programmed games for their friends. Grade 6 students Kishan, Eashwar and Aarya displayed and explained about Tentomushi/Ladybug which is a robot programmable using only black and white lines.

Grade 7 students Jaydeep and Daniel used NXT Mindstorm to build and program a black line follower using a light sensor. .

Shashank and Mohammad displayed a Baseball batter robot, which used ultrasonic sensor to detect the ball and hit it 

Salman and Sughuwaneshvaran displayed a dog which had sound and ultrasonic sensors, it responded to sound and obstacles.    

Pranav and Rayhaan made a rattlesnake with ultrasonic sensor so that whenever someone comes in front it tries to bite them.

Grade 9 students Manan and Humin made a robot car with touch and sound sensor. Touch sensor helped the car to sense the obstacles and move back and according to the sound around the sound sensor changed the speed of the car. Other students, staff and new parents witnessed the various models and enjoyed the functioning of the Robots as much as the students who built them.