Recap – Academic Year 2019-20

We look back at academic year 2019-20. Candor took a number of new initiatives this year:

  • Revamping the school libraries
  • Early Years celebrated Inquiry Festival, Pyjama Day, Carnival of Colours, monthly sports Galas, their first day camp
  • I-Pads were introduced in Early Years as a learning tool
  • Primary School had its first Student Council, Investiture Ceremony, Adventure camps
  • Primary school raised its own sports teams that participated in inter-school competitions
  • Middle school had educational show cases through the year, they initiated SST in action
  • IB students went to Pondicherry for an educational trip
  • Workshops for teachers were held
  • In sports there were many firsts like the Inter-school Sports event called the Agon Cup, inter-house events and competitions, participation in inter-school events, Peace Day Cross Country for students, parents and teachers
  • The school sponsored the Women’s Day Marathon and Electronic City’s first Pet Carnival
  • Primary Years held workshops for the parents
  • Support staff was extensively trained
  • High school students raised substantial funds for a social case through Crowd funding
  • Candor hosted interns from Christ University

Candor was recognised and awarded at many levels –

  • Ranked No. 1 school for academic reputation by Education Today
  • Ranked No. 2 in Karnataka for day cum boarding school by Education Today.
  • National leadership award for leadership in curricular education
  • India’s most trusted education award (residential) by international brand consulting cooperation USA
  • Teaching excellence award K12 by Indian Education Awards 2020
  • Best School of the Year by Education Excellence Award
  • Brainfeed School Excellence Award 2019

Achievements for the Year

  • Lowest attrition of teachers in 9 years, our attrition rate is at 1.16 %
  • Our students going to college have been offered scholarships up to 250,000 USD till date and more are expected
  • Our students got excellent scores in SAT, the highest being 1510