Parent-Teacher Interaction (March 30,2012)

A parent teacher interaction helps  communicate to parents the areas their children are excelling in and to give them specific ideas of how to improve on any areas of academic or social and emotional concern.

The Parent-Teacher interaction on March 30, 2012, began with a welcome by the principal who updated parents on academic and infra-structural developments and announced the proposal of a new Woodworking course to sharpen the technical intelligence of students entering the 21st century workplace. This was followed by a short presentation about the need for integrating mobile devices for teaching and learning and Candor’s move towards becoming an IPad school from August 2012.

As this was the culmination of the Dance, Drama and Music week, the students showcased what they had been learning in their Dance, Drama and Music classes. It was amazing to see the confidence with which the students performed and it was a good showcasing of their learning. The rest of the morning was devoted to the Parent and teacher interactions which went on till Lunch time with a book exhibition happening simultaneously.