Paramount Global Seminar for Grade 10,11&12 students

Hello all

We at Candor think it is the right time to provide guidance not only to the students of Grades 10,11 & 12 but also to their parents set them thinking of various educational options available to the child after school and the career choices they lead to.

Brainstorming sessions , quite possibly , are underway with parents , friends , teachers and coordinators how to shortlist universities and how to prepare for achieving the dream score in a standardized test , not to forget framing their SOPs and Recommendation Letters. We at Candor guide the students to make informed decisions and your guidance is of vital importance.

“Candor international school organised a special session for the parents n students of grade 10,11,12 where they could interact with the professionals of Paramount Global to get clarity about how to plan their child’s education in topnotch universities abroad or in the country ”

Paramount Global works on the timeline final 2 years and includes the following within the ambit of discussion: :

•Focus on standardized testing, internal grades and continue building their profiles through Head Start in the junior year of high school

•Completely focus on applications and their board exams in the senior year of high school

As India’s premier college consulting provider, Paramount Global has the right guidance and advice to offer and it will help you demystify the conundrum.

They had the chance to interact with your children last week at school. However, we thought that the children’s knowledge and information about study abroad would require sharpening.