Mr. Jalaj Desai, an Educationalist and a practicing teacher from US

Mr. Jalaj Desai, an Educationalist and a practicing teacher from US, spent a little over two weeks at the Candor International School recently interacting with the students, teachers, parents and management on various issues concerning school. He continues to be a part of the school in an advisory capacity. We share his observations about Candor and his brief profile here.


An effective school must be a place where students can feel safe, physically and emotionally. Candor International School is that school. Candor International School is a supportive community where students and teachers of all ages can focus on learning, creativity, and innovation.

Candor expects students to succeed and strive for excellence. The school strives to foster in each student a passion for learning. Candor has succeeded in creating a climate of safety where classrooms and school areas are free of behaviors like bullying and harassment. Teachers are very hard working and offer their full support to school’s vision and mission statements. They interact very well with students, and are always available to students for extra help. Teachers are very talented and it was great to see a strong student-teacher relationship at Candor. Teachers seek excellence, embrace technology, and honor integrity in order to meet the unpredicted challenges of a changing world.

The administration at Candor is an effective team of leaders. They are really passionate about providing opportunities to students and teachers to explore new things. They believe in thinking outside box, which makes the school a special place. I was pleasantly surprised by their open door policy. Students, teachers, and parents are welcome to visit any members of administration. That makes the school a very welcoming place. The administration shows the kind of leadership that inspires and creates an enriching community in the school.

Candor is a community that reflects the true leaning of 21st century. Their students are elite but their community is inclusive. The school aspire to educate the ‘whole child’ by allowing faculty to become ‘whole teachers’. My interaction with parents and students was very interesting. Parents and students are ‘looking to get involved’. Parents are eager to provide support to activities that take place after school hours. I am glad that school is taking right steps in exploring options for students to stay engaged even after school.

Overall, my visit to Candor International School reaffirmed that the school strongly believes in its mission statement and taking all correct steps to ensure that children are provided with a safe and secure place to learn and prepared for challenges of a changing world. The school inspires students to discover and pursue their passion and lead with confidence.

A Brief Profile prepared by Mr. Jalaj Desai

Master of Educational Leadership, Master of Computer Science, Bachelor of Chemical Engineering

Work Experience:
I have worked as following in my fifteen years of private school work experience in US.

Head of the mathematics department

Director of the Entrepreneurship Program

Mathematics Teacher Soccer and Tennis coach At Rutgers Preparatory School, I am currently the head of the mathematics department. I am responsible for teacher evaluations, curriculum development, faculty recruitment, student placements,
managing a budget, and other department related issues. I initiated the Business and Entrepreneurship Program at RPS as part of our Innovation Center. Students are given opportunities to meet with successful entrepreneurs and to get hands on experience in creating business plans, producing executive summaries and launch their businesses while they are in high school. At the end of the program students presented their innovative ideas to angel investors, professors and successful entrepreneurs on Demo Day.

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