Middle School Community Service Projects

In collaboration with the Art of Living Foundation,Bangalore,the students of Grades6-8 visited a slum at Uttarhalli on the 29th May 2013. The purpose for the visit was allow students to have an exposure about the problems of urbanisation.They were able to see the housing conditions,water and electricity problems as well as education. The students interacted with some of the people from the community and asked about the problems that they faced. One of the main reasons was that of poverty.The visit was made also with the purpose of helping our students to learn and empathise with people living in poor conditions and to come back and frame a plan that can be implemented at communities like this one for their Community Service projects in future.It was an added gesture when some of our students took some of their unused belongings to share with the dwellers without being told by anyone. “The visit was an eye-opener’’, as Poom a grade 8 student puts it.He said the problem he is facing as a student is nothing in comparison to what the children in slum are facing He said he is thankful for all that he has. We are definitely looking forward for more visit and a concrete plan to mobilise and do some work with the community.


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