Middle School and High School Student’s visit to the National Gallery of Modern an art gallery and an art museum

After a long bus ride we finally arrived at the gallery. We visited the miniatures section of the gallery first. Miniature paintings are usually used in books for illustration. These illustrations are used not to show one event happening but to actually show what is happening through out the story. I observed that these illustrations are never painted in a city background, they were all painted with a country background. The guide kept on talking and we could not even appreciate the works fully.Middle School and High School Student’s visit to the National Gallery of Modern an art gallery and an art museum are two very different things. A gallery changes the exhibits all the time and a museum keeps the same works, except when there is a special exhibition. A few kids from the grades six and above went to the National Gallery of Modern Art, Bangalore on 01 December 2015. 

Then we moved on to the main part of the gallery where there was a special exhibition called Mapping with figures: The evolving art by K S RadhaKrishnan. The art works were made of many metal figures. All these figures were humans,there were life size figures as well as small figures. I noticed that the statues were not clothed.

The way the artist balanced some of these figures were amazing.The art works looked like they were going to overbalance any minute but never did. They were very well made and also very tiny. The figures were fused on top of each other or beside each other. There were all built on or around one base in most of the works. They were all in different postures so it also must have been hard to make the minute as well as the big figures. Almost all these figures showed one particular or important figure which was big and minute figures surrounding it.

I think all of them show teamwork. In almost all of the works I noticed that it was based on teamwork. So I think that all these works were really nice and they all had something to tell.This is what I thought made the figures unique.

– Vedha Grade 7