Mathematics with a Touch of the Soil.

Grade- 2 Students being introduced to various shapes while preparing the pits for farming.

Mathematics is used every single day for a variety of tasks from measuring, weighing, counting to designing. With a strong belief that application of Mathematics in real life should be given importance in the teaching-learning process, Candor intends to explore some of the ways to achieve that goal through farming. The numbers are introduced to the kindergarten children as they work on the number garden in our school farm. Various shapes are introduced at Grade 1 level with the children working with various digging tools at the farm to help them identify various shapes and to be familiar with them. Arithmetic and concepts of Graphs are made meaningful to Grade 2 children through of hands on experience of farming. This approach enables them to understand the subject in an atmosphere different from the classroom. The Fractions Garden is introduced to Grade 3 and 4 students for them to understand the types of fractions and their relations practically making it easy for them to apply the concepts while working with paper and pencil. Real time challenges are given to Grade 5 students to use geometry to measure the field, to estimate the value of different shapes made on the fields.
The students integrate with Mathematics very well and the fear of the abstract is completely removed.

[Article written by Ms.Santhi Madhan – Teacher, Candor International School ]