Math is a way of life! Not just a subject!

The moment students understand the above, their math phobia will fade away, as it doesn’t necessarily mean that student lacks the ability in mathematics. Math anxiety is merely a feeling of apprehension, or fear that interferes with math performance.

Math in school curriculum is not only engineering math or rocket science math. It is just one aspect of mathematics which they need to learn. Honestly, the students are using math in music, dance, sports, crafts, economics, science etc., hence no need to be frightened of mathematics.

Students should realize that math will help them to develop logical and critical thinking. It will equip them with unique powerful ways to describe, analyze and change the world. In fact, students can appreciate how their knowledge of math can be of use in solving real world issues.

Henceforth, love math because it’s used every day, everywhere, at home, in kitchen, in school, in malls and …….

Love math because we love science.

Love math because it’s Fun.

Ms. Shalini B