Literary Week (Mar 5 – Mar 9, 2012)

Literary week went off with great success. The purpose of literary week was to share what literature means in general and what it means in particular to the ones who are doing it as a subject. The Monday All school Assembly focused on Poetry with English 9 doing a choral reading of Pied Beauty and making a visual presentation of the poem and explaining its meaning. The Friday All  school Assembly focused on showcasing the story writing efforts of Middle school students.

At the Middle School Assembly on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday , Drama was the focus which  Middle school students were studying. Each class presented a modern version  followed by a corresponding actual snippet from ‘A Miracle Worker’ ,’ A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ and ‘A Merchant of Venice’. It was a showcasing of how they were enabled to relate literature to life and it brought out the many creativity talents of our students.
In the Primary section the students were involved in story telling, and word game activities.
Literary week displayed the creativity of students and the inspiring efforts of the teachers involved.
Well done all!