Launch of Business & Entrepreneurship Programme at Candor.

12291788_1198341450181487_7468268923817450091_oOver several weeks a variety of stimuli were used to arouse the curiosity of the students about something special that was going to happen. There was a buzz in the school regarding the event and the student was eagerly waiting to discover the ‘secret’. Finally on Friday 27, 2015 at 1.30pm the Business & Entrepreneurship Programme at Candor International School was launched. The man behind the idea is the International Advisor Mr. Jalaj Desai, who runs a similar programme in Rutgers School in the US. Students from Grade-7 and above gathered in the dining hall. Mr. Garry Ang, former Head of Retail Banking, ANZ Bank (China) and a member of Board of Advisors of the school was present on the occasion. 12309805_1198342670181365_5463600410385254227_oA group of enthusitic parents attended the event. After a brief welcome by the Principal and an explanation of the programme by Mr. Desai, the students were given the challenge for the afternoon to design the marketing strategy for a specific product aimed at a certain buyer group. The groups had half an hour to work and had to present their ideas in 3 minutes per group. The magic happened and every one present in the hall was moving between students’ groups and 12313710_1198341446848154_6280035316808622225_nwere completely engrossed with the activities. Some of the tasks were to sell ‘A teacher tracker to school students’, ‘An instant make up remover to teenage girls’, ‘A coffee mug to vampires’ , ‘An app for tracking lost properties for school students’. The students surprised the adults by their innovative thinking and crisp presentations.

In future the students will engage in serious business through this programme on every Thursday.