Kindergarten Graduation (K2)

On the fourteenth of June, a special Kindergarten Graduation Celebration was held in honour of 15 K2 students who are graduating to First grade this year.   The excited little students waited for their parents to arrive with great anticipation whilst they got ready for their performances. 
The K2 performances were all based on what they had learnt throughout the year.  The performance started with a song about time, followed with a poem called “The Wise Old Owl”, and ended with a lively PE demonstration to music. An audio visual presentation soon followed highlighting the main events of the year and snippets from the students about what they would like to do when they grow up.  The sincerity and uniqueness of each child’s dream for their life brought many smiles to our faces and pride to our hearts! 
Each child came up to the stage in graduation gown and hat to receive their certificate of graduation from the Principal and of course a well deserving round of applause.  The K2 class sang a graduation song to complete the event, followed by the school song sung by all. A special snack was served and an arrangement of photos of the K2 class was displayed for all to see.  Parents, teachers, and management alike couldn’t help but feel proud of the K2 class and wished them well on their exciting transition into First Grade – the beginning of a new journey!  Congratulations to the Students of K2!                                                                                                                                                    IB World School
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