Grade 5 UOI Integration Session!!!

As a part of their Unit of Inquiry on Adolescence, Grade 5 students participated in an interactive session with their specialist teachers. This activity involved an integration session with PE & other Sports activities. The homeroom teacher along with fitness specialists in school, introduced a session on the importance of exercise in an adolescent’s life to keep their mental and physical health balanced. They also taught them few a few Yoga Asanas to keep their mind, body and soul healthy. The students were quite enthusiastic about this activity and shared their emotions on how they felt about various topics with their teachers and peers. This activity was also a reflection on how to control and balance their emotions. Most students have infact pledged to include these practices into their daily routine. 17545192_1641019692580325_4202469311836293638_o 17758427_1641020712580223_268890294510332968_o 17758617_1641021129246848_6079520550009786279_o 17814293_1641021072580187_3496030797512342567_o