Grade 4 students presented a creative skit!!!

An idiom is a fixed combination of words that has a particular meaning, which usually cannot be guessed from the meanings of the individual words themselves. The English language is full of such expressions, and they can be very difficult for the non – native speakers to understand and use correctly. To enhance this skill in our young learners from grade 2 to grade 5, the students of grade 4 -A presented a creative skit to help themselves and other to use the idioms both in writing and speaking.
The skit revolved around a little boy when woken up by his mother it was raining cats and dogs and little bits of paper came falling down from the first floor with pictures of cats and dogs – drawn by the students themselves, the boy expressed his feeling of not going to school as it was the report card day and had butterflies in his stomach- obviously he was nervous. He then agrees as his teacher was as pretty as a picture.
In school his teacher has a lot of praise as he leaves no stone unturned and therefore is the grade topper by adding another feather in his hat. A proud mother indeed who had shared a secret with the teacher but she lets the cat out of the bag by telling the boy of the expensive gift his mother planned.
However his friends are envious of him and teased him by saying that he was the apple of the teacher’s eye, but the boy full of values says if they too had made up their mind they would also surely become the apple of their teacher’s eye. They were indeed grateful for the advice.
The assembly ended with the audience appreciating the act of the class, after which a little interactive session was held where the other students framed sentences using the idioms they had just heard, it was a wonderful morning to witness learning happening outside the class in such a short span of time.

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