In the midst of this sunny weather, our K1 and K2 classes took an exciting field trip to Lalbagh Botanical Garden. 

The K1 students enjoyed exploring the park with all their senses, touching bark and feeling textures, listening to the chirping of the birds, and having a good look at the variety of plant life. They were completely engrossed and used their observation skills to further their inquiry about their senses.
The K2 students went on a “listening walk” around the park.   Armed with a crayon, a clipboard, and a chart – each student used their skill of reflection to think about what sounds they had heard on the trip and then recorded them.  We talked about the sounds we heard, and had some impromptu discussions about their pitch and volume.   We discovered that every sound has a source by playing “track that sound”.   The class was thrilled to trace a very loud croaky sound to a crow up in a nearby tree, and to guess the sources of other sounds we could hear. Our field trip ended with a yummy lunch which we enjoyed altogether.  It was a day filled with fun and frolic, and brought in many a joyous teachable moment.