Education is the most powerful weapon

Learning begins when the child is in the mother’s womb. This is evident when the foetus reacts to conversations happening throughout the day. After the birth of the child, the child continues to hear the conversations, dialect spoken, to the baby and amongst all the family members at home. Thus begins the adapting of, learning a language in the child’s life.

The child hears parents talking about his/her, due date for the vaccine/shot to be taken, gets to hear about the time to be fed and how long the baby slept, etc. Such discussions and conversations related to, about the child, results in getting familiar with numbers.

As the child grows, learning happens by observing, imitating all family members, friends and people, the child meets in person. With this we may say that the child is a born educator, educating oneself all the time. Educating oneself is a trait that is natural, happens instantly based on the understanding and the field of interest. Education is the key factor to sharpen the brain and gives immense satisfaction to challenge one’s own ability.

As an adult we may just do the way our parents do or what we may have learnt from them. It has been that, we have not questioned them, as we simply accepted the methodologies or the process they practised to do any task. Such is not the case with the kids of this generation, as they are all born inquirers. They are extremely curious to know, learn and understand everything in their own way and do it their way. Every child has the ability to come up with a way, to accomplish a given task, but this will only be possible if, we as adults or educators believe in them and give them the freedom to express. This in turn helps in developing and building confidence, to venture into trying newer tasks. By doing so the ladder to success is faster and every child will soar high.

The quest to gain knowledge and exploring the unknown may happen when the child speaks to the adults who are worldly – wise and are experienced. Technology can also be an amazing tool to research and self-learn. A mix of both will help the child to decide what is best to accomplish a given task.

Education need not necessarily be from an adult to the child, it can also be vice versa. As an adult, we need to be open-minded and wise to accept the variations of doing a particular thing. Adults must ensure that every child should have Primary education, which is mandatory. No child must be left behind is a great way to tell us that, if given an opportunity, the young generation will have a blend of both- ‘Hard work and Smart work’.

The change is visible, from ‘Past to Present’. The young generation doing what their interested in. The IB Learner Profile may not be familiar to every individual but it’s usage is definitely happening in many ways, only because the child is clear about what his/her goal is, and this will be possible only with the guidance and the support of adults.

The quote by Nelson Mandela, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” is so true.

By Uma Prakash
PYP English teacher

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