Creative, Action & Service

Students of IBDP year 1 visited the Refugee foundation on Oct 27, 2013.  This is in regard to the service component of  the CAS programme. The Refugee foundation is started by a couple, Beulah and James, in the interest of rescuing street children who are orphaned by a variety of reasons.  There are 26 children in the foundation.  The age of the children ranges from 3 years to 14 years.  Many children are attending schools. The couple has taken these children in a legal way with the help of a friendly lawyer and they are nourishing these children with donations from friends.

The children are taught the basics of discipline, hygiene and they are in a happy family atmosphere. When students of Grade 11 from Candor International School visited this place, we exchanged introductions and then the children of the Foundation sang a song as a welcome to us. Candor International School students of Grade 11 visited this place for learning and sharing their experiences with the children of foundation.  This being the first visit, the children from the foundation wanted some games to be played and Candor students engaged them in a variety of games with ball, skipping rope etc. At the end, the children of the foundation gave us ‘Thank you’ card.  The children want us to teach them songs, arts, crafts, play and show a puppet show. Now we at Candor school have to think about how we can learn from during service to this Foundation.

DSC08630 ‘I learnt how to interact with children much younger than me and of a different culture; i believe i did that quite successfully. I learnt that there are many people out there who have dedicated both their time and money in order to make sure under-privileged children are well-fed, educated, happy and loved’. – Graham ,Grade XI


‘I learnt how hard it is to be abandoned and with a positive view to everything, you can forget about the past. I also learnt how the under – privileged live and how they share and welcome anyone into their family’. – Roshaan, Grade XI


‘I learned how cruel humans can be to just abandon their children I mean even monkeys don’t abandon their kids’.- Irapong, Grade XI

‘I learnt about the importance of forgiveness and being grateful for what you have and who you are’. – Lima, Grade XI

‘I learnt that the past does not determine your future. I worked collaboratively with others in planning and initiating games for the children. I also know that there are many more children like them that are less fortunate and don’t have the love and care that the Refugee Foundation gives them. They are innocent and happy, they don’t expect much so when they receive something they are very grateful – I think we should all have a similar outlook’. Caresse,Grade XI

I learnt how to interact with children who has different culture and background actually it was easy because they were very friendly. Also I learnt about the importance of being grateful for what I have.’ –Ben, Grade XIDSC08660