Celebration of India’s 69th Independence Day along with Korea’s 71st Independence Day : August 15,2015

Waking up to a day of great importance, we make our way to the school building and start to appreciate the efforts of the school faculty . The flags and posters gave rise to the already swelling feeling of patriotism in each and every one of us.

The sight that awaited us at the school ground was truly surprising. We didn’t expect such a big turnout. The parents were as supportive as the staff and faculty. The hallways and lawns were once again bustling with the joyous sound of children and their parents. Spirits were high and the happiness was clearly evident on each and every face.

The Guest of Honour Lt. Col. Anand Lakshmiah hoisted the National Flag. It was an amazing moment ,one to be remembered and cherished. Seeing the young students of primary school stand still in complete attention during the National Anthem was truly a wonderful sight. That shows that the youth of this great country share the same respect for their country as their ancestors who laid their lives down for this sacred soil.

Our students Rachel Ralte and Parth Sharma spoke about the significance of independence from their perspective and Sasha Menon introduced the Guest of Honour to the audience.

The Principal, Mr. Samik Ghosh read out Rabindranath Tagore’s poem ‘Where the mind is without fear’ and spoke about India’s policy of internationalism and non-aggression. He also mentioned the role of elected people’s representatives in a true democracy.

Lt. Col. Lakshmiah spoke with passion about the contribution of the Army and sacrifices of officrs such as Vikra Batra. His love for the country stirred the pride in each and every one of us. And to be completely honest, I shed a tear or two too. He went on to share his experiences in the field of defence with us. He also went the extra mile and decided to inspire and motivate the loyal supporting staff of our school, applauding them for their efforts. They received the credit they truly deserved.

At the end our student friend from Korea, June spoke about Korea’s day of independence and significance of the their national flag. The philosophy he mentioned touched al of us.

The parents, students and staff had breakfast with the Guest of Honour and is wife.

The parents enjoyed the fun time playing dodgeball and informal football.

It indeed was a memorable day. One to be cherished. This tradition will carry on here at Candor international school for years to follow ,.

-Sasha Menon, Student Grade -11.